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Social Fox vs. Shout Social: All-In-One Marketing or Messaging?

January 02, 20248 min read

In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, choosing the right platform can be the key to your success. Today, we're comparing two powerhouses in the industry: Social Fox, an all-in-one marketing tool, and the Shout App (Shout Social), a messaging and communication-focused solution.

Social Fox Overview

For anyone that’s ever shopped for a marketing platform for your business, you already know that it can be hard to find complete and straightforward information. So if you’re looking for the quick and dirty full comparison, you’ll find a chart at the end of this post that delves into all the different features, prices, and functionality of these two platforms. 

Social Fox provides an all-in-one marketing platform that’s intended to be your one stop shop for your online business. Not only do we host your website and your blog, we also have an integrated calendar management system, social media scheduling and messaging, and unlimited business automations to streamline and simplify your online presence. 

All our text messaging is offered through our native LC Phone integration [for full cost details, see below comparison chart]. We offer three pricing tiers that are meant to meet you where you’re at in your business. 

  • Elite Plan ($97/mo):

    • Email and message your customers and leads, manage your integrated social media accounts, track your leads as they move through your pipeline, and manage your contacts with our robust CRM (customer relationship management) functionality. 

This plan is perfect for those just breaking into the realm of digital marketing to get your toes wet. 

  • Diamond Plan ($165/mo on annual billing):

    • Do everything the Elite plan does but add in website hosting, blogging, online reputation management, calendar integration, pre-built templates, unlimited automations for your business, and much more!

This plan affords you our full functionality suite to streamline and simplify your online marketing efforts and allows you to integrate any other third party services with Zapier. 

  • Presidential Plan ($415/mo on annual billing):

    • Get access to the full marketing suite included in our previous tier but also get access to monthly ads trainings from our Founder and CEO Roxanne Ray. You also get the ability to share any assets you’ve created in your account with your team members on Social Fox. This is perfect for any social sellers or network marketers out there!

What is the Shout App (Shout Social)?

Shout Social, offering the Shout App, is a communication-focused messaging service that integrates and centralizes your messaging efforts. They aim to remove any communication barriers that exist on social media platforms. 

They offer multi-tiered pricing structures as well covering a variety of messaging forward features. While they do have a total of five pricing tiers, we’ve included their top three tiers in this post.

  • Shout Basic ($15/mo - 500 message credits):

    • The Basic Plan is Shout Social's entry-level offering targeted for those just getting into digital marketing. This plan allows you to create simple landing pages, message others in the Shout app or with a 10 digit dedicated business number, create and track invoices, and ship orders.  

  • Shout Pro ($25/mo - 1,000 message credits):

    • Keep all the Basic Plan features and add in the ability to integrate with Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, and Zapier. 

  • Shout Business ($99/mo - 5,000 message credits):

    • Shout Business is their most robust plan that includes all the mentioned features as well as the ability to send custom links, manage and sell digital content subscriptions, and have access to a dedicated account manager and enhanced support options. 

In general, the Shout app puts a focus on text and social messaging based communications and builds their features out to accommodate this type of functionality. 

Social Fox and Shout App: Side-by-side

As with any comparison, it’s important to first understand what the main focus of the platform is. With the two platforms we’re highlighting today, the main focus is really quite different. 

The Shout app is focused on messaging based communication and also offers some marketing tools alongside that. Social Fox, on the other hand, is focused on integrating and streamlining all your marketing efforts and so our functionality suite is built out with that purpose in mind. 

There are some specific areas where these two platforms' functionality differ greatly, we’ll dive into those next!

Web Hosting

Social Fox

Social Fox allows you to link your domains and host your website through our platform. This means that you could have multiple full websites managed through your account, or at the very least, multiple domains for different offers or aspects of your business. 

Social Fox can also host your blog and integrate with Shopify if you own a product based business. 

For our course creators out there, don’t worry we can host your courses too! Our membership and communities features provide a full suite of course management tools with the automations and marketing functionality to back it up.


The Shout app offers a very simplified funnel builder functionality that’s hosted through their website [so you don’t control the web address].

Marketing Suite

Social Fox

When it comes to marketing tools, Social Fox has you covered!

We offer integrations for Instagram, Facebook [pages and groups], TikTok, and LinkedIn so you can schedule your posting for these platforms. In addition, you can track the success of your Facebook and Google ad campaigns inside your Social Fox dashboard. 

Through our Google My Business integration, you can also monitor and build your online business reputation utilizing automations within your Social Fox account. 

Take advantage of trackable clickable links in your emails or messages to customize your content and interactions with your leads and customers. 


The Shout App offers lots of tools to increase text engagement and customer retention but is lacking in their true marketing functionality. They do have the ability, in their highest paid tier, to send custom links from your owned domain to monitor your domain reputation. 


Luckily both of these platforms prioritize automations for messaging allowing your business to run in the background without you having to be there to hit send for every single message. 


Due to the scope of the Shout app, the automations provided are primarily for message broadcasts [bulk messages] allowing you to schedule messages both to individual contacts and to groups, or segments, of your list. 

These automations also extend to order placement, shipping, and tracking making it easy for those product based businesses to provide their customers with quick updates. 

Social Fox

Due to the wide range of features and functionality that we offer on our platform, our automations are of an equally wide range. You can automate text messages and information regarding orders placed just like Shout. Then add to that the ability to create email automations, as well as automations that complete other actions inside your Social Fox account. 

These automations can track users engagement with course content, emails, and elements on your websites providing you with lots of data to ensure that you know who your hot leads are on your list. 

Like with the Shout app, you can also create chat bot automations for your text messages, Instagram DMs, or Facebook messages.

Message Specific Functionality

There is one area where the Shout app truly shines and it won’t surprise you that it’s with their messaging specific functionality. Because Shout is, at its core, a messaging app, they put a lot of effort into making sure that their messaging functionality is well thought out. 

The Shout app allows you to easily shorten your text links to increase deliverability of your messages, send tap-to-text messages to your social media contacts, and has a group chat feature that allows you to build community through your Shout app. 

Which is right for you? Social Fox or Shout?

When it comes down to it, the features and functionality of Social Fox and the Shout app are very different. Social Fox positions itself to be your all-in-one online digital marketing solution while Shout positions itself to be your all-in-one messaging solution.

From our perspective, we like to work smarter not harder, and we feel that having a full suite of business automations and marketing features suits those who are building and expanding their online business and only want to set up their marketing software once

Our new users so often tell us that they wished they would’ve known about Social Fox years ago because they’ve been duct-taping multiple marketing softwares together. It’s a revelation for them when they realize that it can all be done in one place, with one platform.

That’s not to say that the Shout app doesn’t do messaging really well, because it does! That’s their specialty and they nail it. Specifically if you’re a small product based business the functionality that the Shout app offers might be perfect for you. If you’re looking to grow or expand, then Social Fox could be the better choice. 

Still not sure? We’d love to chat! Schedule a free demo call with us and let us show you what a streamlined marketing strategy really looks like.

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