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Streamline Email Workflow: Streak vs. Social Fox

January 15, 20249 min read

As a business owner in the online space you’re plugged into the ever-evolving world of commerce and there’s one thing that always stays the same: keeping in touch with your customers and making strong connections is what makes or breaks the success of your business. 

In the olden days of marketing you passed out your business card and sealed deals with a handshake, but the landscape of business has changed and now those deals are sealed through email. But even email has come a long way since its inception and now there are a host of tools intended to make your email marketing and email tracking life much easier!

Today, we're taking a look at two different platforms that help with your email management, Streak email tracker and Social Fox. These platforms both offer customer relationship management (CRM), email metrics, and automated email functionalities but have key differences as well. Read on to find out which platform will be the best for your business!

Starting With the Basics of Streak and Social Fox

As we dive deeper into how these two platforms help us communicate with our customers, there's an important aspect to consider: how do these tools enhance our overall communication strategy?

In fact, using a platform to help with customer relationships and email management isn’t just about the numbers; it's about optimizing and streamlining your processes to make more meaningful connections with your customers. 

That's where our comparison comes in, we’re shedding light on how the Streak email tracker holds up to the robust suite of features inside of Social Fox. In this exploration, we're focusing on four vital capabilities: CRM, email automation and tracking, task management, and integrations. 

These pillars shape the effectiveness of your email communications, and we're here to provide you with insights to guide your decision-making. Before we dive into the specifics of these two platforms, let’s give you the broad stroke comparison.

Social Fox

Social Fox provides an all-in-one marketing ecosystem for your business. Think of it as a one stop shop to manage your digital presence. Boasting CRM functionality, web hosting, lead capture, calendar management, social media integration and scheduling, business reputation management, email and SMS marketing tools, course hosting, and invoicing, this platform truly has it all. 

Most importantly, all those tools are under one login. No more struggling through Zapier integrations to make your varied tech services play nice with each other.


Streak is an add-on service to your Gmail inbox intended to streamline your email management specifically. It offers CRM functions [including pipeline management], email metrics reporting, email scheduling, and email templates complete with pre-populated fields for ease of use. 

The Streak email tracker offers a more narrow scope of functionality when compared to Social Fox but, to be fair, Streak isn’t marketed as an all-in-one solution. Streak email tracker is targeted for those who do a lot of communication through email and need help organizing that workflow. 

For the purposes of this comparison, we’re comparing Social Fox’s three tiers of service with two of Streak’s most popular paid and highest functionality tiers. If you’re looking for the full breakdown of cost and available features, be sure to check out the table below.

Now, how do Streak’s features compare to their Social Fox counterparts? Let's explore!

Streamline Email Workflow: Streak vs Social Fox

CRM Functionality, Email Tracking, and More: Streak vs Social Fox

We’re breaking this down into four different elements: CRM functionality, email automation and tracking, task management, and integrations. 

CRM Capabilities

Customer Relationship Management functionality is vital for any business that wants to understand and keeps tabs on where each of their customers are in their buying process. The more information you have, the better you can understand your customer and convert them. 


  • CRM functionality that integrates directly with your Google inbox. 

  • Utilizes customizable pipelines to organize and track customers, deals, and interactions within the inbox. 

  • Offers custom fields for storing additional contact information.

  • Team collaboration for multiple users through notes, reminders and shared pipelines.

  • Basic reporting for pipeline stages.

Social Fox

  • Expanded CRM system as part of its integrated marketing and automation platform.

  • Improved contact management through tagging, easy email list segmentation, and lead tracking. 

  • Contact interactions across various channels [social media, email, and SMS] are tracked in one communication channel.

  • Visual representation of customer journeys using pipeline features.

  • Pipelines are customizable and update leads/customers stages through built-in automation based on actions they take within your marketing system.


If you’re looking for a fully built out CRM suite, Social Fox has Streak email tracker beat. Streak CRM functionality is limited in its list segmentation and integration capabilities. In addition to this, pipeline management is restricted to a mostly manual process and limited in its ability to cover the full customer journey because it’s functioning within Gmail exclusively or within its limited native integrations. 

Email Automation and Tracking

If you aren’t leaning into email and SMS marketing then you’re leaving money on the table in your business. With that in mind, it makes sense that the more data you can capture about the email habits of your customers and leads, the better. 


  • Offers basic email automation focusing primarily on email tracking and integrating tasks and reminders into your email process.

  • Users can set automated reminders to follow up on emails.

  • Email tracking shows when users open, read, and click your emails. 

  • You have the ability to create email templates, called snippets, with custom values that can be used by your team for quick drafting of emails. 

Social Fox

  • More robust and fully featured email automation suite.

  • Users can create and send automated email sequences and take more than 40 different actions in that sequence to enhance their communication and automation capabilities. 

  • Automations can be triggered by a host of different customer interactions allowing for dynamic content and personalized emails for your customers and leads.

  • Email tracking includes delivery, open, click-through, reply, bounce, and unsubscribe rates so you can dial in your communications based on your contacts interaction with your emails.

  • Full email automation integration with your CRM allows for a seamless and unified view of your customers and leads interactions with your business. 

Streamline Email Workflow: Streak vs Social Fox


With an all-in-one platform like Social Fox, the ability to integrate email automation into your business ecosystem can’t be undersold. Based on how you build out the automations that suit your business, you have the ability to put your lead follow up mostly on autopilot and focus on the tasks that you need to be present for.

Task Management

When managing a team [or even simply managing yourself], assigning and tracking tasks is an important part of the process. This helps to keep everyone on track and timely with their actions and customer interactions. 


  • Gives you the ability to easily create time based reminders for yourself or your team.

  • Ability to utilize pipelines for task management and project management.

  • Organizes all emails relating to a given project in one place so you can keep up to date on the progress.

  • Create reports based on pipeline stages and task completion or lead conversion.

  • Customize data with spreadsheet based formulas for pipelines.

Social Fox

  • Create and assign automated tasks as part of your automation sequences.

  • Control due dates and reminders for tasks.

  • Dashboard hub for assigned tasks which indicates upcoming and overdue tasks.


Streak excels in its task management capabilities with its spreadsheet based pipeline functionality and nod to project management. The ability to create and assign quick tasks and reminders and track those in a pipeline view outshines Social Fox’s dashboard task hub [even with the automated task assign functionality].   


Native software capabilities and integrations contribute to creating a truly feature-rich platform to work with. These native integrations also avoid resorting to Zapier for all your business integrations [which can be helpful in the best case and a nightmare in the worst case scenario]. 


  • Native integrations with several platforms: Calendly, Google Form, and Typeform.

  • Utilizes webhooks for integration.

  • Allows API key to integrate Streak email tracker with your other services.

Social Fox

  • Native integrations with varied platforms: Email service providers [Gmail, Outlook, MailGun, etc], Google calendar, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Google My Business, Quickbooks, Stripe, Clio, Twilio for bulk SMS, and Shopify.

  • Native calendar hosting integrates with your chosen Google calendar to sync appointments and availability.

  • Utilizes webhooks for additional outside integrations.


The native functionality and integrations that Social Fox offers far outshines Streak email tracker’s integration offerings. This comes with being an all-in-one marketing solution, offering not only email management and CRM functionality, but also calendar management, social media management, reputation management, and website hosting [to name just a few added features].  

What’s right for your business? Streak or Social Fox?

While there is overlap between these two platforms in elements of their functionality, their intended users are really quite different. 

Streak is intended for someone who primarily does their business through their Gmail inbox and wants to step up their email organization for themselves and a small team. It’s important to note that Streak pricing is based on the number of users, so the more users you have, the higher the monthly cost. 

Social Fox is for someone who’s looking for an all-in-one marketing solution that can handle the management of their online marketing presence whether it be paid or organic traffic, email marketing, SMS marketing, or lead capture. The current users of Social Fox are from varied industries including healthcare, coaching, insurance, and direct sales. 

As we’ve noted previously, if you’re just looking to keep your Gmail inbox organized, Streak email tracker could be exactly what you're looking for. As with any software that offers a specific purpose though, there’s always the risk that you’ll outgrow that solution and need to move on to a bigger and more robust system. 

In that case, Social Fox would be perfectly suited to your business. Plus, there’s an upside to learning one system upfront that manages many of the marketing and CRM aspects of your business, instead of learning an individual solution for each aspect of your marketing, only to find out later that the process could have been much more streamlined with the right tools. 

Still not sure which platform might best suit your needs, or how Social Fox can simplify your marketing efforts? We’d love to chat! Feel free to book a demo call with us so we can show you what an all-in-one marketing solution can do for your bottom line!

Streamline Email Workflow Streak vs Social Fox

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