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doTERRA Wellness Advocates, How Does My Event Cafe Stack Up To Social Fox?

February 26, 20249 min read

How Does My Event Cafe Stack Up To Social Fox?

As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate there are more tech tools popping up everyday that could help you build your essential oil empire but with all the new choices how do you pick the right tool for you? 

The shift from in person to online events over the last few years has completely changed the landscape that social sellers operate in. The good news is there are tools set up to beautifully bridge the gap between the old and the new ways of building your doTERRA business.

Two of those tools are Social Fox and My Event Cafe. The functionality of these two tools have some overlap but their long term goals are quite different. Curious to know which one is the best option for you? Read on as we compare these two unique platforms!

Social Fox Marketing: The All-in-One Solution

Social Fox might not yet be a household doTERRA name but it’s certainly a strong up and comer that continues to grow in numbers and notoriety! Our CEO is none other than Roxanne Ray, a doTERRA Founder 2.0, who has her finger on the pulse of the digital marketing world. 

In fact, including Roxanne, Social Fox houses a total of three Founder 2.0 qualifiers among its ranks. Not only that, we have hundreds of doTERRA Wellness Advocates who’re using Social Fox to scale their essential oil businesses, both online and in person.

Have another business in addition to essential oils? No worries, Social Fox isn’t a doTERRA specific platform which positions it perfectly for those multi-passionate entrepreneurs out there. But enough of the background, let’s dive right into the functionality so you can see exactly what Social Fox can do for you!

A Comprehensive Suite for Entrepreneurs 

Social Fox is more than just a software platform; it's a holistic ecosystem perfectly designed for modern entrepreneurs. By offering an all-in-one marketing solution, Social Fox is your one stop shop for not only bringing in and nurturing new potential enrollees, but also for optimizing every aspect of your customer’s journey. 

From managing your social media channels to scheduling your wellness consults, Social Fox offers the functionality of multiple platforms all in one place, and under one login

Nurturing Leads Like Never Before 

A big part of what makes Social Fox shine is its ability to blend its customer relationship management (CRM) features with a full marketing suite. 

What this means for you, is that you can keep track of where all your new prospects and customers are in their essential oil journey. You’ll even have the capability to set up custom pipelines [just like the doTERRA P-I-P-E-S format you’re already familiar with] so that tracking their progress is automated within your system.

Not only this, with full community and course hosting functionality, you can make sure that your new enrollees have access to all the right resources to get them going and signed up on LRP!

Marketing Campaigns That Resonate

Whether you consider yourself to be in the marketing realm or not, the fact is, social selling takes marketing knowledge! You probably already know that some aspects of oils resonate more with your customer than others and you’ve learned to speak to what you know is effective. 

By combining that knowledge with the powerful marketing platform that is Social Fox, you’ll be able to leverage your efforts and scale your business with increased ease

Social Fox allows you to create unlimited email sequences for both your customers and potential enrollees. Just imagine knowing that when you add a new enrollment into your Social Fox system they’ll automatically get a series of emails walking them through how to use their oils and encouraging them to book a wellness consultation with you. 

The fortune is in the follow up and with Social Fox the follow up runs on autopilot!

Just as an added bonus, all of our users get email sequences highlighting the doTERRA monthly promotions [direct from the digital marketing mind of our CEO Roxanne Ray] so that your beginning of month is stress free!

Community Building

Building a community in your essential oil business is so important when it comes to creating your tribe. After all, for some, the community is the biggest draw when beginning with essential oils. 

Social Fox offers not only a course hosting platform, so that your customers and builders can easily have access to everything they need, but we also have community functionality built into our courses. 

Think along the lines of Facebook groups, but without the distraction of Facebook or the compliance nightmare that goes along with social media. 

With Social Fox you can create a free or paid private community for your customers as a safe haven for learning about essential oils and building relationships.

Integration and Automation

Around the Social Fox watercooler, we’re big fans of working smarter not harder and this is something that we encourage our users to do as well. 

With Social Fox you can easily integrate your appointment booking, event registration, social media posting and messaging, email, website hosting, online courses, and text message communications all into one platform so you gain back precious time in your day.

My Event Cafe: The Virtual Event Planner

Where Social Fox is a more full-featured marketing suite, My Event Cafe focuses specifically on free and paid event management. They allow you to invite customers and potential enrollees to events and also have an interactive platform for providing educational content. 

Encouraging Virtual Engagement

My Event Cafe centers around community based topic-specific doTERRA events. These events are delivered, via email or messaging, in bite sized amounts over a number of days to allow customers to ease into the information provided. 

This is completed through the use of “templates” which are automated email or messaging sequences with course module style content that is customizable for the user. 

My Event Cafe also offers an interactive space where attendees can comment and converse about the topic being covered allowing you to build a sense of community with your customers. 

Collecting Prospective Customers

My Event Cafe offers simplified landing pages [available with select paid plans only] for lead capture and event registration but doesn’t offer any true website hosting functionality currently.

This does, however, make it easy for you to invite and collect contact information for potential enrollees and offer additional educational topics they might be interested in. 

The Final Verdict

Focus and Functionality

While there is some overlap in their functionality, the primary focus of these two platforms is really what sets them apart. Social Fox, with its emphasis on comprehensive marketing and CRM tools, is a haven for essential oils businesses looking to scale. 

My Event Cafe, with its virtual event and community-building features, caters to those looking to engage and educate.

User Experience

The ease of use for platforms can present a huge barrier to some. Social Fox, with its intuitive design, ensures that even those new to the digital realm can navigate with ease. 

Feel like technology isn’t your strong suit? Don’t worry! We have several layers of technical support for you to take advantage of. We offer a one-on-one quick start call for all our users to help you get your bearings, host three live Q&A calls each week, and have 24/7 technical chat support so you always have a way to get the help when you need it. 

My Event Cafe has a clean user interface and less overall functionality making the learning curve fairly quick.

Integration Capabilities

In the world of digital marketing, integration is key. Both platforms understand this and offer extensive integration capabilities, ensuring a connected and cohesive ecosystem.

When comparing the integration capability between these two platforms there’s one major difference though: the majority of integrations you’d need to run your doTERRA business are native to the Social Fox platform whereas with My Event Cafe, you’ll likely need a third party service [like Zapier] to integrate with other platforms. 

In the event that your business requires a specific integration that isn’t native to Social Fox, don’t worry, Zapier works like a dream with our platform as well. 

Which is the Best Choice for You? 

Choosing between Social Fox and My Event Cafe boils down to your primary objectives. 

While there’s value in platforms that root themselves firmly in the doTERRA niche, like My Event Cafe and EnrollPro, we think the sweet spot is in a more robust and all-in-one platform like Social Fox. 

By beginning with a platform with more diverse functionality, you avoid the growing pains that inevitably come with scaling a business [and the hassle of migrating your sizable business when you’ve outgrown your tech]. 

So if comprehensive marketing, lead management, and CRM functionality sound like what you need, Social Fox is the way to go. However, if you’re looking for a more niche and specific platform for virtual events, My Event Cafe might be your best bet.

While you decide, be sure to take our Entrepreneurial Archetype quiz to learn exactly how your archetype should change the way you run your business!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I try Social Fox for free to see if it’s right for me? 

Absolutely! We offer a 7-day free trial so you can decide if Social Fox is the right fit.

2. I use My Event Cafe now, is it easy to monetize my content on Social Fox?

Monetizing content through one time or recurring payments is easy with Social Fox with payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, etc.

3. Can I use SMS marketing with Social Fox like I can with My Event Cafe? 

Social Fox integrates with Twilio and also has an in house SMS messaging integration through Lead Connector. Not only that, you can also utilize Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram DMs to communicate with your audience.

4. I’m just running a doTERRA business, is Social Fox too much for me? 

Each business is unique and has different needs, but we have hundreds of users on Social Fox who are primarily running just their doTERRA businesses.

5. What support options does Social Fox have if I need help? 

Social Fox offers a number of free and paid support. 

For our free support, we have:

  • 24/7 chat support for technical inquiries 

  • Our help library with support documents and videos for technical support

  • 3 live Q&A calls per week for troubleshooting and strategy questions

  • Weekly trainings on different Social Fox features

  • Monthly live trainings on email marketing and strategy

  • Access to past recorded training

  • A thriving user community filled doTERRA wellness advocates ready to strategize and mastermind with you

If you’re looking for more extensive help, we also offer paid migrations and done-for-you setups which are priced individually based on the scope of the project.

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