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The Top 10 Qualities of An Entrepreneur: Do You Have What It Takes?

March 25, 20248 min read

Have you ever wondered what that secret sauce is that entrepreneurs stir into their morning coffee to keep them ahead of the game? What makes them tick differently? Or maybe you’re just trying to define discover those indefinable qualities you see in yourself?

Well, grab your notepad (or, more realistically, your tablet) because we're diving into the top 10 qualities that set entrepreneurs apart. Spoiler alert: it's not about having a fancy home office setup or a catchy business name!

What Makes a Good Entrepreneur?

It’s often said that entrepreneurs are the only group of people who will work 60 hours a week for themselves to avoid working 40 hours for someone else. While this may make others raise an eyebrow or two, at its core, it’s an ‘if you know, you know’ kind of situation. 

Not everyone gets it, or has the drive to venture out on their own, but for those that do, the process can be really rewarding. So what defines a successful entrepreneur? Let’s dive in!

1. Entrepreneurial Mindset: A Mindset as Flexible as Yoga Masters

Think of the entrepreneurial mindset as a mental yoga practice. It's all about combining flexibility and adaptability. Entrepreneurs can turn and stretch their strategies, just like a yoga master, to quickly align with the ever-changing business landscape. 

💡TIP: If you find yourself having a rigid business mindset, start making small changes. Try to challenge yourself regularly. Get out of your comfort zone. Start by altering small habits and gradually take on new perspectives in your business decisions.

2. Problem-Solving Abilities: Sherlock Holmes, but Business-oriented

Whether you vibe with classic Sherlock Holmes or the newer iterations, this is a guy who solves mysteries before breakfast. Think of entrepreneurs as the Sherlocks of the business world. They can see a problem from a mile away and solve it with a natural mix of intuition, experience, and sometimes, sheer luck.

 💡TIP: To cultivate more critical thinking on your part, try out brain teasers, puzzles, and even strategic games. Also, reach out to your team for their feedback and  brainstorm solutions together.

3. Strategic Planning Skills: Playing Chess with the Market, not Checkers

If business was a game of chess, successful entrepreneurs would be grandmasters. It’s about thinking three moves ahead, anticipating trends and making adjustments. It’s not just about reacting to changes; it’s about planning the game-winning strategy. 

💡TIP: Practice your goal setting abilities in both the short and long term. If long term goals seem intimidating, break them down into smaller stepping stones that feel more manageable to you. Evaluate where you are in the process frequently to determine if you’re still on track.

4. Emotional Intelligence: The Often Overlooked Secret Ingredient

Emotional intelligence in business leadership is like the secret spice that makes a dish go from good to great. And we’re not just talking about understanding how your team feels. 

It’s just as important for entrepreneurs to understand their own emotions as it is those of others. Creating a welcoming and functional work environment is about more than spreadsheets and profit margins; sometimes, it's about understanding when your team member's had a bad day. 

💡TIP: Work on self-awareness by reflecting on your emotions and reactions. Journaling can be a huge help in that arena. Also be sure to practice empathy by actively listening to others and understanding their viewpoints. For high performers, it’s easy to focus on thinking ahead about what you’re going to say next, but when you do this you often miss out on exactly what your team is telling you. 

5. Passion: The Fuel in the Entrepreneurial Engine

If you’ve seen an entrepreneur talk about their business then you’ll know it’s a vibe. Their eyes light up, and they could go on for hours! That's passion – the fuel that keeps the entrepreneurial engine running even when the tank is running on empty.

Don’t confuse passion with having to be plugged into your business 100% of the time. Entrepreneurial burnout is a slippery slope and, if not avoided, can really set back your goals.

💡TIP: Identify exactly what excites you about your business and immerse yourself in it. Create a vision board that hangs near your desk or workspace. Create a mantra for yourself to keep you plugged into the passion that started your entrepreneurial journey. Surround yourself with inspirational people and literature in your field.

6. Resilience: Bouncing Back Stronger 

Remember those inflatable clown punching bags? You punch them, they bounce right back. If there was ever a metaphor for resilience, that’s it and it's a key trait in entrepreneurs that experience continued success. 

They face setbacks, learn, and come back stronger than before. Sometimes this feels like it happens on a daily basis but the important thing is that there are no knockout punches in entrepreneurship! Get yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep chugging away. 

💡TIP: Develop a growth mindset. View challenges as opportunities to learn. Reflect on setbacks to understand what can be improved next time. In fact, acclimate yourself to the concept that there is no failing in entrepreneurship unless you quit. Everything is a learning experience.

7. Visionary Thinking: Seeing Beyond the Horizon 

Entrepreneurs don't just see the reality of what's in front of them; they see what could be. You’re steering the ship and you need to always be on the lookout for new opportunities in the distance. 

This is often the difference between success and failure in entrepreneurship, the ability to do a little out of the box thinking to see what others have yet to uncover. 

💡TIP: Regularly set aside time for creative thinking and brainstorming. Here at Social Fox, we believe that our best ideas come when our brains are allowed to wander. Meditate, journal, or jump in the sauna and give your brain some breathing room. 

To stay on top of market changes, seek out newsletters or communities that inform you on the trends in your niche and imagine how your business can evolve in the future.

8. Risk-Taking: Calculated, Not Crazy 

There’s a difference between taking risks and being risky with your business. It's about calculated risks. What makes a good entrepreneur is their ability to  analyze the pros and cons before taking a leap, making sure that even if they fall, they have a safety net ready.

You need those leaps in your business as they can frequently lead to explosive bursts of growth and change in your business.  

💡TIP: Don’t go off the deep end. Start with small risks to build your confidence. For example, if you’re starting with any type of paid advertising, don’t throw $10,000 at it right away. Spend $1,000 and then look at your results.

Learn to analyze potential outcomes based on the information you have and then train yourself to trust your judgment in decision-making.

9. Continuous Learning: School is Never Out 

Say it with us: “As an entrepreneur, I am a lifelong learner.” 

For entrepreneurs, the school bell never rings. It’s important to be constantly upgrading your skills, and staying curious. After all, in the world of business, if you're not seeking knowledge, you're falling behind.

💡TIP: This is an easy one to work on. Set aside dedicated time each day or week to learn something new related to your business. Attend workshops, webinars, and engage with mentors. Pick up a book to expand your knowledge on an area that you’d like to improve on.

10. Networking: It's Who You Know (and Who Knows You!)

Yes, you can swap business cards with other entrepreneurs in your field but if you don’t work to further the relationship then it isn’t networking. A good entrepreneur knows the value of a strong network – it can open doors that even the best key can't.

Think of your network like a spiderweb: each connection is like a strand in the web, linking you not only to that individual person but also to their entire network. This intricate web of connections offers strength and opportunity far beyond each singular thread.

💡TIP: Actively seek out networking events in your industry. These can be online but it’s even better if you shoot for in person connections. Be genuine in your interactions and focus on building long-term relationships. You never know what might come of them!

Evaluating Your Entrepreneurial Potential

How did you fair with our 10 qualities of an entrepreneur? Did you see a lot of these traits in yourself or find some things that need work to make your entrepreneurial journey a little more smooth? 

What we find that most people don’t realize before they start their entrepreneurial journey is that at its core, it’s a journey of self-discovery and growth. Yes, you have to have some level of business acumen and a solid idea, but if you don’t grow and change throughout the process, you aren’t doing it right. That’s really what makes a good entrepreneur.

Each entrepreneur’s journey is unique and this isn’t an exhaustive list, there are scores of other traits and nuances of entrepreneurs that contribute to their success. Curious to know a bit more about the root of your entrepreneur mind? Take Social Fox Marketing’s Entrepreneurial Archetype Quiz to shed some light on what drives you as an entrepreneur. 


Whether you’re hard at work building your personal brand or a corporate brand powerhouse, being an entrepreneur can be lonely and it never hurts to have a community to back you up. This is why we at Social Fox have centered our platform around a supportive, mastermind community where we can share ideas and grow together. 

It’s about more than just the all-in-one marketing software that Social Fox offers, it’s about the relationships, the growth, and the support that are at our core. 

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